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Event Gurus, one of the finest destination wedding planners in Udaipur with an experience of planning and managing 50+ weddings in Udaipur. Your true mate in Udaipur for your wedding planning.
Based in Udaipur, Team Event Gurus is an expert in organizing palace wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan with a unique and extraordinary décor, Rajasthani Hospitality, exotic palaces as wedding venues, folk music & dance as an entertainment option and most importantly the wedding planning as flawless. We look forward to hosting you soon.
A destination wedding is a dream for every man and woman. It’s like a crowning stroke if the wedding venue is a palace in Udaipur. Udaipur destination weddings are the most desirable and luxurious wedding venues in India.
Udaipur is a land of kings and queens; there is something about the place which adds to the glory of marriage. The majestic forts, royal palaces, beautiful lakes and picturesque dunes, just make a wedding heavenly. Event Gurus in Udaipur leave no stone unturned to make a wedding memorable for the bride and groom.
Destination wedding planners in Udaipur has a rate card for a wedding because the cost can vary from case to case. The number of guests, the days of your ceremony, and the hotel you choose varies from person to person. The companies have comprised their staff with some best wedding planners in Udaipur which helps to guide you through the whole plan of your wedding. There are certain cost factors which should be taken into account. The cost associated queries are common while planning a destination wedding in Udaipur. One needs to be sure about his hard earned money and how he wants to spend it.

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