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Selecting the suitable wedding theme according to your choice and preference is of utmost importance so here are some most trending wedding themes of 2021 you can choose for your

Sustainable wedding:

Now Keeping in mind the effects of environmental change the sustainable wedding themes emphasis on choosing environmentally friendly and biodegradable products which are extracted through natural sources.
So instead of choosing flowers, plants are used for decoration and local, organic, fair trade ingredients are used for food.
From the location of the wedding till the stationery everything is selected keeping consciousness about the environment in mind.

Arabic Style Wedding:

the arabic style wedding popularly referred as moroccan wedding is very famous all thanks to its charming decor mixed with elegant colors.
The most famous color combinations of moroccan weddings are: burgundy/gold/purple, magenta/purple/gold, orange/red/yellow, and magenta/red/gold. If you don’t like warm colors, you can opt to use cool shade combinations like blue/yellow/silver, navy/tan/blue, or teal/blue/tan.
The most important ingredient in moroccan weddings are: classic metal lanterns, moroccan rugs, pamper grass, puff seating and tassels

Boho wedding:

If you are someone who is planning for your wedding you will be aware about how amazing boho wedding looks.
The little detailing in the wedding comes a long way so here are some little details to look for while planning your boho wedding: Gemstone looks beautiful, Succulent for the rescue, Floral crown, matching alter with the landscape, crescent moons are all important elements of the boho wedding

Quirky Colorful Wedding:

Now some love black and white while other embrace grey but sometimes all you need is a pinch of colors in your life, so here are some unique ways to add some color to your wedding: Colorful fluffy pom pom, use some colrful frames for decoration, Colorful wedding bouquet with clashing colors, Some bright colorful centerpiece like fruits or flowers.

Wedding With Royalty

A royal wedding is all about perfection so from the start till the end everything need to be lined up and perfection should be the utmost priority

  • Wedding venue: A royal wedding is about a royal venue so choose a venue which has some historical significance of its own else you can select a venue which is simply grand.
  • Wedding stationery: your stationery should be well informed while the colors, graphics and content should be minimal.

Fairytale Wedding

Since every wedding is unique and every bride is special we at eventgurus make sure to make your wedding an affair of a lifetime

Happy planning people! I hope our paths will cross in wedding world.

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