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Wedding At CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel

Situated just 150 km away from Taksim Square, CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel is truly a disguising heaven on earth. The chic interior of this hotel brings you the perfect exemplary of sophistication and class. Situated among Istanbul’s heritage, this hotel stands with the interior that represents the city’s real heritage. You won’t feel to be in a place lesser than a palace when you take a tour to the ballrooms, restaurants and an astonishing lobby that welcomes all.

Indeed, its delightful interior has made it a priority among all the other hotels meant for weddings. Traditionally the Park Hotel is revived with CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel; the place has come a long way with its glory. The wedding hall is solely dedicated to bringing a spotlight to the man and the lady of the day. Their special day would be added with the fragrance of love, and a pavilion festooned with daffodils and lilies. Not to forget, it is the magic of the mesmerizing sea breeze and the landscape under the blue sky, which gives a terrific backdrop to relish your wedding photoshoots.


This beautifully designed resort offers a variety of venues to choose from keeping in mind all your wedding functions.

Wedding at CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel

Undoubtedly, the guests will leave with bundles of memories and showering thousands of compliments and blessings upon the couple. Their stay would be a luxury with deluxe rooms, executive rooms, terrace suites, and many more kinds to suit their demand. With this, the delicacies served in the Turkish restaurants and facilities of bar, spa, pool and fun zones ensure that the days are never too less to be lived to the fullest. 

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