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Avani Khao Lak
Avani Khao Lak Resort Thailand Wedding Packages

Avani Khao Lak Resort Wedding Cost and Packages

Whether through movies, novels, or witnessing the enduring love between our parents, we've all grown up romanticising fairy tales that surrounded us. These stories became our companions, giving us hopes, dreams and an idealistic idea of how our fairy should be.

As adults, we often lose track of all the innocent yet dreamy ideas we once had for our wedding. Well, we are sure that your love story is nothing short of a fairy tale that is enveloped in growth, together and unending love! However, do you want to give a classic start to your love tale? If yes, you must consider hosting a destination wedding abroad for your loved ones and, of course, to make it extraordinarily special for you.

Avani Khao Lak Resort Thailand Wedding cost
Why are we suggesting a destination wedding outside India when there are exotic and beautiful locations in India? This is because not only will it give an unconventional twist to your traditional wedding festivities, but it will also make it intimate and unique. Additionally, if you choose a wedding location in another country, you can immediately begin your honeymoon right after the wedding. That's not all, as the perks of organising a destination wedding are multi-fold. These may include, clicking pictures with a stunning backdrop,
hiring Event Gurus as your reliable and professional destination wedding planners to ease out the wedding planning for you, staying in an affordable yet luxurious resort, spending more time with your loved one, curating a wedding theme with minimal and concise guests and there are many more reasons why you should go for a destination wedding. However, if you are considering what would be the location, let us suggest to you a prime site that will not only meet your budget needs but also offers breathtaking aesthetics that will enhance your wedding day and make it memorable. It is none other than Thailand.

Thailand - A Blissful Choice for Weddings

Thailand's serenity and high-end luxury will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet. It houses breathtaking landscapes, stunning beaches, azure coastlines, lush tropical jungles, ornate temples, and intricate architecture amidst bustling and high-rise cities. Apart from the touristy places, what will impress you is Thailand's vibrant culture and warm hospitality. Additionally, you can indulge in a culinary adventure in Thailand as it is famous for offering some of the most flavourful street foods and fine dining cuisine varieties.

If you are concerned about the stay facilities for you and your guests during the wedding celebrations, don't worry. Thailand has some of the most exotic and luxurious hotels and resorts from across the globe. Let us guide you through the most lavish 5-star resort - Avani Khao Lak resort in Thailand.

Why is Avani Khao Lak perfect for your wedding?

Avani Hotel in Khao Lak is exactly where your love dreams merge into reality. Nestled in the most tranquil and exotic north of Phuket, Khao Lak Avani Resort is an elegant and cosy hotel between the jungle and the seashore. It is a spacious, peaceful and relaxing hotel that meets all your needs for hosting the perfect wedding of your dreams.

Avani Khao Lak Resort Thailand Wedding Cost

Let's check the facilities available at Avani Resort Khao Lak:


There are 309 rooms, suites, and villas available in Avani Khao Lak, sufficient for your guests to stay comfortably. It is a family resort with rooms available for couples, kids and the entire family. Each room has garden or pool views with an attached balcony. Also, it includes plush amenities and free Wi-Fi for a cosy stay.


Avani Hotel in Khao Lak has 5 to 6 in-house hotels and bars that serve the most delectable international cuisines. For your wedding, you can prepare a customised menu with flavourful Indian dishes.


Avani Khao Lak Resort in Thailand has multiple activities to keep your guests entertained and engaged. For instance, they have island exploration and adventure facilities, water sports, a spa, a fitness gym, water and skate parks, a kids club and more!

Khao Lak Avani Resort also provides affordable and specially curated Indian wedding packages hosted by the beach!

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