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Chunda Palace Udaipur Wedding Cost and Packages

Chunda Palace is a Royal wedding paradise with heritage and traditional appearance creating a perfect wedding in Udaipur. If you would like to feel no less than royalty on your most auspicious day, the Chunda Palace is the place to have a Destination Wedding by Event Gurus. This Palace has a heritage look and feels, which makes it a perfect wedding destination.

It is an exotic location where one can organize a destination wedding to suit any requirements. It takes care of every minute detail like venue, theme, planning, food, beverages, music, and recreation throughout the wedding ceremonies and celebrations to give you a royal destination wedding.

This Palace offers abundant space to arrange destination weddings hosted on the rooftop terrace or majestic Courtyards or the Indoor grand ballrooms with 250 guests.

There is even a Poolside wedding space for 100-150 people and a separate bar for 80 guests; also, the Chunda Palace traditionally consists of ‘Gokhdas,’ giving it a regal theme.

So, transform the magical moments into memorable moments by planning a royal destination wedding at Chunda Palace, Udaipur, organized by Event Gurus.

The History

Th. Ghanshyam Singhji of Thana conceived the idea of Chunda Palace to revive the traditional art of architecture. This beautiful creation called Chunda Palace took 16 years in its making. Since its beginning, Chunda Palace has successfully captured the royals and the visitors with its timeless beauty.

The Location

The glorified history of Mewar Rajputs reflects on the charismatic walls of Chunda Palace. Chunda Palace is situated on the Bank of Lake Pichola with the mesmerizing view of Lake Pichola and City Palace

The Accommodation

The accommodation includes a collection of 50 palace rooms and suites, all decorated with Rajasthani architecture and handicrafts. Every room of Chunda Palace is unique and has been designed to keep the guests mesmerized.

Dining Experiences

The food is par excellence, and the Chunda Palace team of chefs shows you their excellence in creating the most delicious food you’ll ever have.

What’s more?

Chunda Palace gives you not one but four different experiences to dine with four separate dining settings.

The dining settings include:

  • Royal Cuisine
  • Rang Tarang
  • Square Terrace
  • Private Dining

The Suits Include:

Historic Suits

Grand Historic Suits


This beautiful resort offers various venues to choose from, like three different indoor halls with a capacity of around 50, 150, and 150 seating capacity, two outdoor terraces and capacity of about 100 and 200 seating, and two banquet halls with a total of 100 and 200 seating capacity.

Cost of the wedding at Chunda:

When it comes to cost, each room ranges from 7000-9000, and overall wedding costs vary from around 20lakhs to 70 lakhs.

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