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Dhwani Weds Aash

A Tale of Love: Dhwani & Aash's Magical Wedding Journey

Love embarks on a journey, and our wedding marked the commencement of an enchanting adventure, the genesis of our eternal love story, as our wedding tagline resonates.

Hailing from Gujarati Jain families, we chose the picturesque city of lakes – Udaipur – as the backdrop for our union. Meeting through a matrimonial platform, we discovered a shared desire: to manifest the wedding of our dreams. Our aspiration was simple yet profound: to orchestrate a wedding that would be nothing short of extraordinary and set a benchmark for all to behold.

Planning and preparations proved to be quite a task for both of us, especially since Aash was in New Jersey and had only flown back a month before the wedding. I took the lead in Wedding Planning with the Event Gurus team, ensuring everything was organized just the way we have always envisioned.

Mehendi: A Moroccan Affair

The Mehendi ceremony burst with colors and culture, featuring intricate Moroccan-themed décor that adorned every corner, with warm, inviting lamps casting a glow over the festivities. It was a celebration of love, laughter, and the promise of a beautiful future together. The event kicked off the festivities, where everyone enthusiastically joined in the activities, fostering closeness and camaraderie between the families. Far from a stereotypical affair, it bridged gaps through vibrant décor, infusing the atmosphere with zeal and enhancing the spirit of togetherness.

Sangeet: Sparkles and Dance

As the night of the Sangeet approached, excitement filled the air with anticipation. The glittery theme set the stage for a night filled with fun, dance, and unforgettable moments. We danced our hearts out, surrounded by loved ones, creating memories to last a lifetime. From Solo Dance Performaces to Couple to Family shows – This sangeet had everyone glued.

Haldi: Sunshine and Smiles

The Haldi ceremony was a joyful affair, bathed in hues of yellow and echoed with laughter. It was a time for loved ones to come together, share stories, and bless as we embarked on our journey together. The décor added a touch of brightness to the occasion, reflecting the radiant Love.

Varmala & Wedding: A Red-Themed Romance

Finally, the day arrived when we would exchange vows and begin our forever. The wedding was a spectacle of love and tradition, with every detail meticulously planned by Event Gurus.

From the contract for Aash to sign, symbolizing his commitment, to my bridal entry with a fl ower sheet, every moment was magical. The Varmala ceremony, set against a picturesque view, was a sight to behold, capturing the essence of love. The wedding itself was a vision in red, symbolizing passion, romance, and the promise of a lifetime together.

The best moments from the whole two days of wedding was the Varmala .

It was Just so Right – The Right sun , The Right décor . Probably everything that we ever dreamt off over the last eight months came true in that one minute.

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