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Jagmandir Island Palace Udaipur Wedding Cost, Package

Plan your dream Destination Wedding at Jag Mandir Island Palace, Located on the island of Lake Pichola Jag Mandir is a beautiful paradise. Also known as the “Lake Garden Palace,” it was built by three Maharana Kings of the Mewar kingdom. Maharana Amar Singh started constructing the Jag Mandir Palace in 1551; it was continued by Maharana Karan Singh and finally completed by Maharana Jagat Singh I. Hence, it is named “Jagat Mandir” in honor of the last-named Maharana Jagat Singh. In old times the palace was used as a summer resort.

Jag Mandir is a palace built on an island in the middle of Lake Pichola, Udaipur. Today Jag Mandir Island Palace is a beautiful and elegant venue and location. It can accommodate 1500 people and ensure that you have the best experience by having a wedding at Jag Mandir that you’d love to remember forever. It’s a heavenly destination to uplift the moods and spirits of visitors and is also famous for hosting glamourous destination weddings in a rather royal style. Jag Mandir Palace is often referred to as the Garden of Heaven, where you would love to host grand parties and destination weddings.

This little heaven is a dream wedding destination of many; its breath-taking view and natural beauty attract visitors all around the globe. So plan your destination wedding at Jag mandir Island palace Udaipur with Event Gurus.


A destination wedding at Jag Mandir with Event Gurus offers various venues like Garden Venue with a seating capacity of 1800 seats and 3000 floatings, courtyard with 500 chairs and 1000 floating, and Kunwarpada with 200 seats and 300 floatings.

Cost of the wedding at Jag Mandir:

A Destination Wedding at Jag Mandir Island Palace by Event Gurus usually ranges from 90 lakhs to 1.5 crores.

It provides limited accommodation so if you are looking forward to accommodation for your guest you have to book it in nearby hotels which can come around 40 lakhs to 50 lakhs for 5-star hotels.

Event Gurus will ensure that you and your guests have a fantastic experience for your wedding at Jag Mandir. We are looking forward to hosting you this wedding season.

wedding planner in Udaipur

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