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Jay Weds Mahi

A Love Story Unfolds:

Jay and Mahi's Dream Wedding

It all began with a simple birthday message from Jay that kindled a spark between us, soon growing into a profound connection. Under the enchanting Maldivian sky, with the soothing sound of waves as our backdrop, Jay knelt down and, with a voice full of emotion, asked me to be his forever. I said YES, and in that magical moment, our love story truly began, setting the stage for the preparation of our dream wedding.

Planning a wedding is a monumental task, and this is where Event Gurus stepped in to make our dream wedding a reality. We wanted our personal touch in every detail, ensuring that our special day truly reflected our love story.

A Storyboard of Love

To start, we decided to create a storyboard for the welcome decor that resonated with the details of our love story. This personalized touch set the tone for the entire event, giving our guests a glimpse into our journey together.

Haldi: A Lavender Bliss

Our Haldi ceremony was as fun as it could get, with a vibrant lavender theme. The highlight was our wedding logo, prominently displayed. We organized fun games, and everyone danced their hearts out, making it a joyful and memorable event.


Our Sangeet night was a spectacular hit. From our grand entry to the unveiling of portraits on umbrellas, the evening was filled with excitement. We played some really cool games with Anchor JK, and the night culminated in a grand performance by Gurdeep Mehendi, adding an extra sparkle to our Sangeet.

SajJangoth - A Traditional Feast

"Sajangoth" is a cherished wedding ritual where the groom’s side is seated, and the bride’s side ensures they are well-fed. Families came together to eat in a traditional setup, with decor that was both intricate and elegant, enhancing the cultural experience.

Barat Procession - A Festive Extravaganza

For the Barat, we had a personalized DJ van with the tag "JAY KI BARAT". Everyone danced with exuberance, and the viral dance of Bhabhi Ji on the song "Lo Chali Main" was a highlight.

Barat Swagat

The Barat swagat included flower garlands, coconut water, sweets, and silver coins. As Jay entered the venue, I surprised him by showering petals from a bridge, creating a unique and heartfelt welcome.


The Varmala ceremony was planned for sunset. Jay entered with his mom, radiating love, while Mahi stunned everyone with her graceful dancing entrance. The elegant Varmala exchange felt like a dreamy sequence from a fairytale.

The wedding entry

begining of forever - the wedding

As we start this new chapter together, we carry with us the memory of the unforgettable night, a reminder that true love can create the most spectacular fireworks in our hearts. The fireworks that lit up the sky were a symbol of the bright future ahead of us, a future filled with love, adventure, and countless magical moments.

Our wedding was not just an event but a beautiful journey filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments, all brought to life by the talented team at Event Gurus.

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