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Best DIY Decoration for Wedding
  • Jan 04, 2022

Best DIY Decoration for Wedding

There is no doubt that you will always want the best wedding planner to take care of a wedding you are expecting. That is pretty understandable because it is never easy to take time out from the busy schedule, manage leaves, provide invitations, go shopping – they all keep you busy anyways. From that point of view, you cannot count on more reasons to hand the event over to a professional agency. Event Gurus has been a trustworthy name in this regard, particularly when the wedding has been planned in the royal state of Rajasthan. You got many more reasons to do so!

Experienced matters a lot:

Wedding may not be a new kind of event for you but certainly, every wedding takes place only once. Therefore, it must have some characteristics of uniqueness and should be memorable. This is why it makes perfect sense to hire the service of an experienced agency which knows how weddings are best planned and executed.

For instance, you want the wedding to take place in Kumbhalgarh, your first challenge obviously is to find out the best and most suitable venue. Right from this first step, the role of your wedding planner begins. As one of India’s most preferred wedding planning agency, Event Gurus is ready with a list of the best wedding venues in Kumbhalgarh. This is an amazing help as you can be more than assured that your event will have the most promising ambiance and your guests are going to love it.

Importance of DIY:

When you are already handing over the management to a professional agency, why would you want to do something ‘yourself’? Of course professionalism matters, but not always! There is always a personal touch expected and it is valuable! The guests, the invitees, the bride’s or groom’s parents – all love to see and feel that personal affection. Here are some tips:

    •    Easy to make pot-decoration: Showering colourful rice-beans is a tradition in India. That is a great occasion to extend a personalized touch. You can easily find clay-made small pots. Just have the pots decorated with paints, beads, rings, etc to fill the rice-beans and it looks really artistic.

    •    Greeting cards: Hand-painted cards with the names of the bride and groom written on them can be distributed among the guests. But remember – each should have a unique quote on relationships, love and family!

    •    Music or songs: Everyone has singers in their family and even instrumental players. You can easily spot the ‘talents’ in your family or acquaintance. It gives an amazing feel when someone from your family itself, and ‘not professional, sings occasion specific songs or plays soothing music. Isn’t this DIY idea great?

   •    Flowery work: Search online, you will find innumerable ideas with which you can create artificial flowers within no time! You can use yours and your family members’ skill to craft different types of flowers and either place them at different places at the venue or hand one to the invitees. They may carry it back with them as a fond memory.