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Stunning and Rustic Ideas to make wedding Memorable
  • Jan 05, 2022

Stunning and Rustic Ideas to make wedding Memorable

When it is an event as special as wedding, every single thing counts. Whether it is your own wedding, the wedding of a family member or of a friend, everyone involved tries the best to do something unique so that the wedding becomes really memorable. While it is all the more worth knowing how to do it and what ideas can be incorporated to create a memoir out of this distinct event, it is equally important to keep in touch with a professional for this.

An agency as committed and experienced as Event Gurus is always of help to the people planning a wedding or having a wedding round the corner. The expert planners at Event Gurus are full of suggestions which can be termed as both stunning and rustic and they won’t take away a whooping cost to put in place. This article throws more light on the subject and educates you with creative thoughts that you can easily use for the said objective, even before looking for the best resort in Udaipur for marriage.

Blending ideas from the wedding perspective:

Should your idea be creative, impressive or should it blend with the conventional and rustic cultures? Almost everyone, who wants to make a difference, goes through this dilemma. The answer is – there is nothing like blending the two because this combination is extraordinary. A combination of ideas that generate sensation and also give invitees a feel of the rich heritage is unbeatable. That’s what you need.

Involving some experienced people will add up to your list of ideas while you may already have some of your own. 

Where to use these ideas and which are they:

You know it – wedding in India is a day-long, and in some cases 2 to 3 days long, event. Therefore, you got innumerable chances to incorporate these ideas. Every time you do so, you are one step closer to making the wedding memorable. Right from the choosing the venue to the rites of nuptials, from welcoming the guests to serving food and from gifting them on arrival to giving mementos at the departure, you can got many opportunities to implement your ideas. So here you go to pick some for yourself:

    When it is about venue, you can get the best of rustic feel when in Rajasthan. Having decided to plan the wedding here, you will never be short of best wedding venues in Udaipur, the historically renowned place with a rich traditional touch.

•    Pick a wedding venue which offers adequate amount of space for the setting the stage. Your decorator can comfortably use his range of props to get the right feel.

•    Don’t forget to use floral arrangements when decorating the resort. They necessitate a great combination of chic and rustic particularly for weddings.

•    There are many wedding halls in Udaipur which are already set in a traditional backdrop. This is an added advantage when you are planning a wedding in such a location with a wedding planner. The place itself contains the ‘country’ feel, so all you need to do is focus on making it stunning.