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Wedding Venues in Jodhpur: Everything to Know
  • Dec 27, 2021

Wedding Venues in Jodhpur: Everything to Know

Rajasthan is a unique state of India in many ways but one of its prime identities is royalty. The state boasts not only a rich history of courage and sacrifice but also holds a colourful tradition and culture which provides it an identity. You may see vivid colours of tribal life as you wander through the rural suburbs of Rajasthan whereas you find a modernized standard of living when roaming through the streets of cities like Jaipur or Jodhpur. On the whole, you get a majestic feel here which is why the princely state is also one of the favourite tourist spot.

Lately, Jodhpur has also become a fond place for the couples to get married. If you are one such couple, or are planning a wedding in your family, you must know why Jodhpur has turned out to be a preferred wedding destination and why you should look for wedding venues in Jodhpur.

What makes Jodhpur a fabulous wedding destination?

The hot wedding destination for couples today, Jodhpur, has its historic significance and we all know why. Art and culture form the very essence of Jodhpur, but over time, the city has crossed this basic recognition and provided one more reason for the travellers to be here.

  • The city sits amid breathtaking surroundings and scenic spots. This is one major reason people are constantly on the lookout to be at Jodhpur and a wedding would always be the best occasion for them to be.
  • Majestic forts and royal background of the city make it most appropriate for weddings. You cannot create such an ambience elsewhere and that is the reason it is so fondly chosen for wedding.
  • Hospitality industry is well developed in Jodhpur and is full of hotels and resorts. This means you are never short of selecting a marriage hall in Jodhpur; you always have one according to your budget, choice or preference. In other words, Jodhpur has all the ingredients of a favourite wedding destination.

So whether you want to welcome your guests with a magical sunset or to treat them with a lavish dinner, you can easily pick the most ideal wedding venue for yourself.

Which are the best venues to look for?

While it is true that an agency like Event Gurus is always ready to help you find the best wedding venues in Jodhpur, the information here will give you some material to start thinking:

  • RAAS: If you want your guests to remember your wedding for ‘luxury’, this is the venue for you! A large diversity of suits and rooms already promises and comfort and convenience to your guests, but more than that, picturesque views are waiting for them from the hotel’s terrace.
  • Umaid Bhawan: It’s a private property but is open to be offered for weddings. A busy venue all through the year, Umaid Bhawan has all the ingredients of majesty and lavishness in its vicinity and surroundings.
  • Samsara Luxury Resort: The list of wedding venues in Jodhpur will be incomplete without this one. Your guests can have the mesmerizing view of this beautiful city from here but what can be better than tying your knots amid the golden shades all around.