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Top 8 Ways to welcome your Guests in Wedding Event
  • Jan 04, 2022

Top 8 Ways to welcome your Guests in Wedding Event

There are innumerable occasions when you are the host and you want your party to be unique, to stand out, and make it memorable for your guests. However, it is quite possible that you can get clueless every time you are throwing a party. Particularly when it is a wedding event and you are expecting a lot of guests at the function, you may quite naturally run short of ideas about the ways to welcome the invitees. That’s the time when you may start hunting and try to grab some prospective ways to help you in this situation. This article has advice and it comes straight from the experts of wedding event management Event Gurus - best wedding planner in Udaipur!

1.    Welcoming the folk-style:

If your wedding event is in India, you are never short of using this tip. India is already known for its rich folk culture. You have got a plethora of folk themes to pick up and use one of them for welcoming. When in a state like Rajasthan, you can easily go with the idea, having women traditionally dressed at the door, musicians playing and that would do the favour.

2.    Rosewater sprinkle:

Well, you know it already right? But still, that sounds a nice idea. The pleasant fragrance of rose is always a great mood booster and it helps set the tone of the guests in the spirit of celebration. This is an easy-to-go method.

3.    A shower of flower petals:

Nobody feels as elated and special as this – when someone showers flower petals on them. Entering the wedding hall, dressed in a party suite, all men and women will be on their high when you welcome them with a shower of flower petals.

4.    Beats for the heartbeats:

Yes, you read it right! Beats of a dhol or dholak can easily rush one’s adrenaline and what can be better than a wedding event to do so? Just make sure some 3-4 dhol players stand at the gate and match the steps of the guests with drumbeats.

5.    Welcome refreshment/drink:

Together with any of the above, there is an extra pleasure when the guest is served with some tasty eatables or something to drink. Choice of the beverage can be according to the season, but this favorably works for you – always!

6.    Printed schedule:

Every guest is important and so is their time. You want them to make the best of their time at the event and so, it is worthwhile handing them over a “printed event schedule” right at their arrival!

7.    Gajra or flower braid:

In India, Gajra or a braid made of flowers is not only considered auspicious but it is also decent. Women wear it in their hair while men can wrap it on the wrist. A unique gesture to welcome your guest, isn’t that?

8.    A snack hamper:

Whether you are expecting local guests or outstations, you don’t have to find a reason to serve them a hamper with tangy-tasty snacks. The snacks can be taken whenever they want and the hamper can stay with them forever!

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