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Wedding Planning Checklist – Things to Know
  • Jan 06, 2022

Wedding Planning Checklist – Things to Know

If the title of this post attracts your attention, you either have a wedding round the corner or have already planned it. But the interesting part is that many people fumble on this aspect – making a checklist for the wedding and then keeping it handy for checking. Some of us may already be in the comfort zone as they have entrusted the job to a wedding planner. Of course that is a soothing thing but even yet, the idea of making and keeping a wedding planning checklist is never obsolete.

There is a lot of insight in this regard but all that matters is when you put it into practice. India’s top wedding planner Event Gurus sensitizes people on doing so, but it is better said than done. People often ignore this step and are always likely to land up in a mess, even at the eleventh hour. They have a misconception that choosing one of the best wedding venues in Jodhpur or selecting the most professional wedding planner is their only priority. In fact, these are the most basic ones. Why not go ahead to find out how you can benefit yourself.

Wedding Planning Checklist:

•    Preparation of the guest list: Some of us may feel, “so what’s the big deal?” Yes, whether you like it or not, this needs to be stressed and considered first in your to-do list for the wedding. Prepare a guest list and you can never do it alone when it is a wedding. It is better to include every family member just to be doubly sure that none of your friends, relatives, acquaintances, office colleagues, etc are left out.

•    Making budget and keeping it handy: While doing so, you will realize the significance of the first point and also understand why you must prepare the guest list first. When you know about the expected number of invitees, you are in a situation to analyse the fund required for the wedding.

•    Hiring the wedding planner: It is true that your wedding planner will offload you to a large extent, but for that you first have to hire the wedding planner. Obviously, this must be among your top priorities. Once done, you are in a much comfortable situation.

    Venue selection: You may do that yourself, but it is better done in coordination with your wedding planner. You can never forget the fact that your wedding planner has more ties with the wedding hall owners of the city. This professional’s help will not only get you the most promising marriage hall in Jodhpur but also save you some bucks, and this price advantage might be something beyond your reach.

•    Choosing the caterer: Food is one of the fondest attractions of every event. Food that is well-served and is delicious stays longer than anything in the minds of your invitees. But for that, you must plan the food items right and that can be done only with the help of a caterer.

Keep the above tips handy and you will notice how they benefit you.