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How to throw a Grand Destination Wedding Party in Jaipur
  • Dec 27, 2021

How to throw a Grand Destination Wedding Party in Jaipur

Jaipur – the pink city, the city of kingly families, the city that speaks valour and not to forget, the origin of many delicious foods! The whole world knows about the distinct aspects of Jaipur which is why this colourful town is among the top tourist destinations for the world travellers. However, that’s not the complete identity of Jaipur; rather there is much more to know. One such identity of Jaipur is that it is one fond locale for weddings, a wedding destination for hundreds of people, not only from India but the world over.

There are numerous occasions when some more than a usual party is expected and wedding is such an occasion. After all a lot of your family and friends have waited for this event and therefore, you know that they deserve a grand party. Now if you are in Jaipur, you are at the right place. That is because you have innumerable amazing hotels and resorts in Jaipur which can best suit your plan. All you need is a destination wedding planner in Jaipur who can guide you and make your grand party really memorable. Event Gurus is such an agency and it is always ready to go ahead with your plans.

What makes Jaipur so preferential?

All those planning for a destination wedding will be mostly advised to pick Jaipur as their party destination. There are many facets which separate Jaipur from other cities of India.  Majestic ambience, sensational views, picture-perfect spots and all world-class facilities, etc – all make the Pink City a highly chosen destination wedding hub. One can easily find an overload of tourists here, many of which are particularly in Jaipur to attend a wedding.

With a little search, you can get to know about the most promising wedding venues in Jaipur, but to make sure the planning goes well, you need a wedding planner like Event Gurus.

Where to throw the party?

This is the next important question in your mind – where do you want to throw your wedding? Good news is that Jaipur is never short of the best wedding venues. Here are some of the top venues which you can select for yourself:

  • Lebua Resort: If you want your guests to remember your wedding forever, throw the wedding party at this hotel. The well-facilitated hotel exhibits luxury and is regal in every manner. While its indoor venues are already a fond choice, its outdoor venues are especially preferred to tie the nuptials. Service surpasses your expectation which means the invitees will have no trouble here.
  • Shahpura Haveli: Want to give your wedding a bollywood-style feel? Here is a wedding venue which has all the material to make your wedding filmy! The hotel has recognition in terms of eco-friendliness and you will not get such an environment elsewhere. The management is particularly serious about energy conservation as well. Add to it the high level of hospitality and this is another most recommended wedding destination for you.

When talking to your destination wedding planner in Jaipur, keep these points in mind.