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Budget Ideas to Decor Wedding Resort
  • Jan 06, 2022

Budget Ideas to Decor Wedding Resort

This is one of the most challenging aspects of a wedding – budget! Yes, whether you like it or not, you got to have one and stick to it. And yet, the biggest challenge is that even if you are on a low-budget, you don’t want the event to look cheap. How to achieve both the targets at once and still prevent your pocket from getting a dent? Big question, but this post sure has answer for you.

First and foremost, believe and realize that you are the only one going for an inexpensive wedding. Further, trust the fact that you don’t have to overspend to have a great wedding event or to throw a memorable wedding party. It is possible to cut corners and still make it grand – something that would stay in the minds of your guests for a long time!

While you do so, it is a prospective idea to involve a professional wedding planner. Expert help takes you ahead in a million ways and this is so true in case of a wedding too. For example, if you are looking for a marriage resorts in Pushkar, agency like Event Gurus will actually help you find one which charges a paltry sum and still makes you wedding look extravagant. In addition, you can get best advice on all other aspects with which you can miraculously save money on decoration.

Set a budget:

That’s a no-brainer, but still significant! Sit with your family, analyse the available fund and set an estimate within which you want the wedding expenditure to complete. This may need a little hard work at your end but it is worth. Once you are set on your budget, it becomes easier for the wedding planner to provide you ideas about the resort, the decoration, the menu stuff, and other such aspects.

Event Gurus, the noted wedding planner of India, will make it possible for you to organize the wedding in a promising wedding resort in Pushkar without making you deviate from the budget. But that’s not all; you can get range of other suggestions so that you can save big on decoration.

Moderate wedding decoration:

Let’s accept – decoration takes away a lot of your money. Don’t let that happen with you, here are tips:

  • Obviously, the first tip is to finalize such a wedding resort which is not only good but also is the most economical in Pushkar.
  • Flowers look good but they are eventually a waste after the event is over. Why not try to replace them with artificial flowers? They can be hired and then returned after the function.
  • Choose a relatively small wedding hall. It will need little props for decoration but still be impressive.
  • All of us have a DJ in our family and friends! Spot yours and have him/her to showcase the talent. You will save exorbitant sum on hiring a professional DJ.
  • Well-decorated food servings are attractive, but you can stress more on neat and clean servings. They are more important and yes, save you from spending a lot on unwanted decoration cost.

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