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Diy Budget-friendly Wedding Decor Ideas
  • Jan 24, 2022

Diy Budget-friendly Wedding Decor Ideas

Designing the perfect wedding venue and decorating it with quality décor can be very expensive, especially when it comes to things like fabric and flowers that don’t last long after the ceremony has ended. When planning an outdoor wedding venue in Kerala, there are plenty of DIY budget-friendly wedding decor ideas that will allow you to save money without sacrificing quality or style. No matter which idea you choose, this post will show you how to pull off your dream wedding in less time and with less money than you might think possible.

Flower Decoration

Planning a destination wedding venue in Kerala can be an expensive affair, with some of top picks hotels coming at over ₹ 20 Lakhs per wedding. Floating flowers, such as this cascading garland, lend a lovely touch to any wedding, and this DIY wedding décor idea is unique. You may obtain the impression of a designer florist while staying within your budget by making this simple arrangement using carnations or other flowers.

DIY Paint Stir Stick Flower Box

If you’re looking for an affordable wedding décor idea that doesn’t require a trip to Ikea, look no further than your kitchen. A handful of paint stir sticks are all you need to create these adorable DIY box flower arrangements. While they may not hold up as well in extreme heat or freezing temperatures, they make for a unique and budget-friendly alternative to traditional floral centerpieces. 

LED Mason Jar Lights

Weddings are fun and love is beautiful, Save money with simple mason jar lights to beautify your wedding venue in Kerala. The best part of mason jar lights is you can take them home after your wedding, or give them away as gifts! Mason jars have endless possibilities as decor for weddings. If you’re trying to save money on your big day and make a statement at the same time, LED mason jar lights are a great way to do it.

Greenery Table Garland

If you want to make your destination wedding in Kerala most eye-catchy, Try making garlands out of leaves and other greenery from your own backyard or from a nearby park. Look up what kind of leaves grow where you live so you can come up with designs based on seasonal color. A few strands of tulle make for nice, delicate accents, and streamers can serve as runners across tables. Make these decorations in advance to save yourself some time on the wedding day.

Entrance Gate & Archways

The first item that you should consider is how you want to enter your wedding venue. You can have a complete entrance gate with an archway and even signage directing guests to where they need to go. Do keep in mind that these items take up quite a bit of space and may reduce available options for other decorative items.

DIY Chair Wedding Garland

Before you tie that knot, it’s important to save for your special day. But if you want an extravagant affair, then let’s talk about how you can make your wedding venue in Kerala more gorgeous. This is a big decision that will set off a series of other decisions. DIY chair wedding garland can make your surroundings look fabulous and it is easy to make.


Kerala is a beautiful destination to go to for a wedding. The scenic beauty will leave you awe-struck. If you are planning your wedding in Kerala,  With a little bit of planning, you can throw an amazing destination wedding venue in Kerala at an affordable cost by using these aforementioned DIY decorating ideas.

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