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Top 5 Common Wedding Planner Mistakes
  • Jan 06, 2022

Top 5 Common Wedding Planner Mistakes

Got a wedding in your family? Don’t worry; you will already have plenty of members happy to assist you in the wedding planning or creating the blueprint for a ‘perfect wedding’. In fact, these people are experienced enough because they have arranged and conducted many weddings. So what’s the big deal!

Without question, there can be some good ideas and helpful pieces of advice, but you cannot entirely rely upon then. Actually, this may be your mistake number one and therefore the takeaway is – listen to everyone but do what you think is right! And that ‘right’ here is to hire the services of an experienced wedding planner like Event Gurus. Whether it is about finding a wedding resort in Pushkar or getting the best deal on catering, you can largely benefit by involving the experts of Event Gurus.

In all probably, some common mistakes may still happen. Therefore, it is valuable to gather some insights and know how to avoid the mistakes.

  • Not setting a budget: Right from finding a wedding planner to the wedding day, you will need one thing – money! In other words, you must spend wisely all through the wedding planning and function and for that, you need a budget. Not making a budget means not doing your homework right and this can be disastrous.

As an extra tip, you must know that budget fixing is done by both families through an appropriate discussion.

  • Not making the guest list: You know how many people you have in your mobile’s phonebook and you got a steadfast memory. Still, you need a guest list. You must know which guests have been invited and how many of them will tentatively attend the function. Make it today to overrule the chance of any last minute shocks.
  • Choosing a wedding venue that is far-off: A strict no-no! There must be hundreds of good wedding venues and you can pick one which is in the closest vicinity of your house. If you are getting such a venue, fine, otherwise find one which is closest from the airport or railway station. (You got many ideal marriage resorts in Pushkar.)

Choosing a venue which is at the distance of a quick drive will certainly relieve your guests from the unwanted tiresome travel and quickly. So better, choose a venue that is well within the reach of everyone.

  • Hiring a wrong wedding planner: Haphazard decision in finalizing your wedding planner can be costlier than you think. In an attempt to find the ‘best’ wedding planner, don’t end up finalizing the ‘costliest’ one! Have some backhand information about the charges of wedding planners and then seal a deal with the most affordable one.
  • Not knowing your caterer: Okay that your wedding planner is professional and dependable. But remember, catering is the most sensitive aspect of a function. You got to be extra-sensitive in this respect and should know who is doing the catering, what is being offered for the wedding in lunch or dinner or snacks and what the caterer’s speciality is.