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  • Jan 18, 2022

Traditional Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

If you’re planning an Indian wedding, you may be wondering how to decorate the place where the big day will take place – whether it’s at your home or a wedding resort in Pushkar. Planning an Indian wedding is already enough of a challenge, but finding good decoration ideas can be difficult – that’s why this guide on traditional Indian wedding decoration ideas is created. This article will tell you how to choose the right color scheme, how to decorate indoors and outdoors, how to make a marriage resort in Pushkar Look special... And much more! So scroll down and enjoy!

Choosing The Best Candles

Traditional Indian weddings are always full of mesmerizing decor, whether it’s lights strung up in a tent or colorful tablecloths laid out on an altar. Choosing your wedding décor can be a stressful experience—especially if you don’t have any previous wedding-planning experience—but to really nail down your aesthetic, try picking out candles. It may seem insignificant, but they make a huge difference in setting a romantic tone for both your ceremony and reception.

Ceremony Table Decorations

The ceremony table is a hugely important part of your wedding day. You want to make sure that all elements of your wedding decor fit together flawlessly, while also using colors and designs that mirror each other and tie in with everything else in your event space. If you’re trying to pick out flowers for a traditional Indian ceremony table, Try mixing clear glass bottles with white cloths to create an ultra-romantic look at your tables.

Floral Arrangements For Wedding Venues

Once you’ve confirmed your marriage resort in Pushkar, give yourself some time to let it sink in and make any adjustments or compromises if necessary. After that, take your floral arrangements to a florist to put together what will become your central piece of décor at each table. Choose an assortment of colors and styles, depending on what suits your theme best.

Flower Crowns And Headbands For Weddings 

Weddings are a big deal in India and when it comes to planning your wedding, you want every aspect of it to be unique and beautiful. Most brides spend hours upon hours going through boards to get ideas for their wedding dresses, cakes, invitations, venues, and whatnot. Flower crowns are all rage nowadays so why not make them for yourself for your Pushkar Bridal Shoot! 

Lighting And Sound Systems For Marriage Halls

Lighting and sound systems are necessary for a wedding event in order to set up a conducive environment for the bride, groom, and guests. There is no doubt that these days, many people make use of wedding resorts in Pushkar as compared to traditional homes due to their convenience. However, before you finalize one for your own big day, it is always best to learn about what kind of features must be present at such venues in order to create that traditional ambiance you have been dreaming of.

Dhol Players, Dancers And Other Performing Artists For Hire 

If you’re having a Hindu or Sikh wedding in Pushkar, then it is expected that a couple of musicians will perform on your big day. The traditional musicians who accompany weddings are called dhol players and drummers, but there are some extra artists who can also be hired. Other wedding performers include dancers and singers; many families hire someone to play tabla (traditional drums) at their ceremony.


The essence of any successful wedding is in its careful planning and preparation. From choosing a venue to ensuring that everything is in place on your big day, no stone should be left unturned in a quest for perfection. While many choose to do their planning and preparations at home, as they have time and inclination, others prefer to take a more direct approach by enlisting the services of specialists who are well versed with all aspects of weddings – right from decor to catering.

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