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Inexpensive Winter Wedding Decor Ideas
  • Jan 26, 2022

Inexpensive Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

How to have an inexpensive destination wedding planner in India? If you are still working out your budget, you don’t want to be stressing over the cost of decor. There are some great inexpensive wedding ideas that will allow you to cut costs without skimping on style! Here are some ways to add glamour to your inexpensive wedding decor that won’t put too much of a dent in your bank account.

DIY Destination-Wedding Props

searching for destination wedding places in India? The odds are that it’s not going to be cheap. You’re probably looking at spending some money on getting everything you need in order to celebrate your special day with family and friends. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save big bucks on your big day without sacrificing quality or creativity by adding a subtle festive feel to proceedings with cute and seasonal wedding props.

Pine Cone Decorations & Details

Once you’ve decided on your destination wedding places in India, whether it be a sunny beach or a snowy ski resort, it’s time to think about winter decor. Don’t fret: there are plenty of ways to create a warm and cozy winter wonderland without breaking your budget. For example, pine cones make great decorations for any theme; add them to your centerpiece arrangements, scatter them around tables or drape them over an arbor or gazebo.

Simple Candle Holders

Candles are a beautiful and romantic way to decorate a wedding, and you can use them in place of more expensive decorations. However, try using simple candle holders or glass vases instead of large flower arrangements. If you’re trying to get married on a tight budget, it may be worth sacrificing some beauty for ease of setup and cost.

DIY Winter Chair Decor

Save money by decorating your chairs with DIY snow. First, get a head start on cleaning your chairs with rubbing alcohol (this will remove old paint and ensure that you’re starting with a clean surface). Then, use some cotton balls to dab shaving cream onto your seats and/or backs of chairs. After it dries, it will look like snow!

Backdrop Background & Simple Christmas Cake Toppers

Backdrops, table centerpieces, and other winter decorations can get expensive, but you can create your own look with items from local craft stores and online shops. If you have a limited budget for your wedding décor, start by purchasing inexpensive items like greenery, silk flowers, ornaments—anything that’s lightweight and won’t be too difficult to transport to your venue.

Hot Beverage Bar

To warm guests up to as they enter, set up a hot beverage bar with coffee, tea, and cocoa. Guests can help themselves to their drink of choice and then make their way inside to find their seats. A hot drink will help guests feel cozy and prepared for your winter wedding ceremony!


The winter season is usually considered to be most people’s favorite time of year. While you might think that it’s too cold for a wedding in winter, it doesn’t have to be! A winter wedding can be as special and elegant as any other event; you just need to find a destination wedding planner in India to have appropriate decorations and make sure that your guests are well-prepared for temperature extremes.

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