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Ultimate guide to planning intimate destination wedding
  • Oct 13, 2022

Ultimate guide to planning intimate destination wedding

Think about your dreamy wedding day. You have finally made it out. After all the planning, hurdles, and breakdowns. You are excited to see your family, friends, and of course your soulmate. But then you see a marriage hall crowded with 300 to 400 guests. You spend all your day trying not to worry about how you will manage all your guests.
That’s no way to cherish the most special day of your life. Instead consider your dreamy wedding, only smaller. Keep all the dream elements- dress, invitations, food, and décor same as it is, but invite-only 20 guests max 40.
Trimming down your wedding size to an intimate size means you will get a chance to save money and create an unforgettable experience with all your close ones. Below we have listed out the ultimate guide to planning the intimate destination wedding of your dreams. Here we will all also suggest you some popular destination wedding places in India.

What is an intimate wedding?

Some people consider 100 people to be intimate, while others consider that 20-30 special guests are a small wedding ceremony. Event Gurus, one of the renowned destination wedding planners in India believes an intimate wedding is how you think of it. The main idea behind the small wedding is all about the celebration. It relieves the stress of traditional wedding planning. Guests shouldn’t be a burden anymore, but people you love and cherish.

What are the advantages of a small wedding?

From where to start? Let’s look at some of the important reasons young couples are turning to this type of wedding.

•    More comfortable and stressed-free
•    More intimate and customized feel
•    You will enjoy each moment with your closed ones
•    Increased privacy
•    Reduces time and budget
•    Unforgettable memories with your loved ones

Now let’s dive into some important tips for planning an intimate destination wedding.

•    Think for Your Daydream: The first step to planning a wedding is dreaming. We know everyone thinks about their wedding since their childhood. The more you dream it more you get inspired to make it true. Surf the internet to get to know about the best destination wedding places in India and in abroad. Keep thinking about the elements like dream décor, food, wedding theme, outfits, etc.

•    Plan in Advance: This is the actual part where you need to do actual planning. This is the time when you have to narrow down the options and start taking decisions. If struggling with making decisions make a list of to-do work also involve your friends and family in your discussion. You can go for trendy DIY stuff for your wedding preparations. If you want everything perfect, you can also hire experienced destination wedding planners in India who will make things easy for you.

•    Finalize the Budget: Here you need to take your planning within your budget. If the budget is not fixed, get clear about your long-term goals and intentions. Set a separate budget for all such as décor, wedding venue, food, photography, outfits, etc. It will help you to spend the amount you want to spend on each element.

•    Trim-Down Your Guest List: Deciding whom to invite is the most stressful task of wedding planning. But when you planning a small wedding this can be easier for you. You will only invite truly your near and dear ones. If you decide on 5o guests as an ideal size, that will be 25 people on each side. This is how you can celebrate your special moments with your people.

•    Location: Having fewer guests makes selecting your dream wedding venue easy for you. You just need to choose the wedding location which compliments and matches your wedding ceremony size. There are so many beautiful destination wedding places in India which are perfect for intimate weddings. You can go choose the palace destination wedding in Udaipur, the beach wedding in goa or you can keep it simple with a backyard or terrace wedding at home.
•    Finalize Your Wedding Outfits: It is totally up to you what you want to wear on a special day a heavy bridal lehnga or sherwani or a minimal outfit like a saree. If want to save your money you can go for rental outfits.

•    Pick Your Wedding Theme and Colours: Get creative with the theme and details. Discuss everything with your wedding planner. It’s your big day let it shine differently. Go for the wedding which reflects your personality and your love. Anything that makes you happy and celebrates your love is perfect.

Final Say- Remember What Makes You Smile and Have Fun!

Small weddings are unique on their own they give you a chance to celebrate your time with your love. Contact Event Gurus, destination wedding planners in India, and make your dream wedding a reality!

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